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Why Fall is The Best Season for Cosmetic Services


In the world of beauty, it’s easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of seasonal trends. Every year brings with it new palettes and tones as well as seasonal services like laser hair removal, skin resurfacing and more. However, one of the most underrated seasons is also one of the most advantageous for those who love beauty services: Fall. September to November is the peak season for cosmetic services and skin care, so book your slot with an expert dermatologist and give yourself a treat! This article focuses on why Fall is the ideal time of the year to use cosmetic services and how you can leverage seasonal trends to make them more effective.

While this article spells out some important information about why fall is the best season for cosmetic services, we highly recommend you read the full article, here are the key points we will focus on:

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Cosmetic Services

What are Cosmetic Services?

Cosmetic services are designed to alter or enhance individual physical characteristics or the way a person looks. They are often to enhance self-esteem, physical appearance, and attraction. There are many cosmetic procedures and treatments, including Botox injections, body contouring and laser hair removal.

Why is Fall the Best Season for Cosmetic Services?

With the fall weather, you will experience lower temperatures, cleaner air and less sunlight. These factors contribute to your skin’s natural renewal process. In addition to that, fall brings many opportunities to go out and dress up! This is the perfect time to get cosmetic services and treatments from specialized dermatologists at Bryn Mawr Dermatology to help to boost your confidence and embrace change right in time for the holiday season.

Here are some reasons why Fall is the best time for cosmetic services:

  • Better recovery after cosmetic surgery

The cool weather that comes with fall makes it easier to recover from procedures. As the summer sun fades and your wardrobe shifts, you are more capable of hiding any side effects under long sleeves, pants and scarves. Cooler weather also means a hankering to hunker down and stay inside, both of which make it easier to have your post-procedural side effects fly under the radar.

  • Avoid the sun

During the fall, you will find it easier to avoid excessive sun exposure by planning your procedure when you won’t be as tempted to spend as much time outdoors.  An active tan prevents us from providing MANY of the cosmetic procedures in our repertoire, and UV exposure during the healing process can be detrimental to results.

  • Prepare for the Holidays

There’s not much time left before the holidays, and all the social encounters the season brings. Halloween is just around the corner, and Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon follow. A little self-care before the holidays can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself during your celebratory festivities and how you look in those family photos.

Which Cosmetic Services Should I Receive This Fall?

As the air becomes cooler, your skin will become dryer. It’s the right time to start a good skincare routine. Here are some services you can choose from:

1. Sclerotherapy

Those pesky visible veins that start to accumulate on your lower limbs are an eyesore and prematurely age you. They can be why you pass by your favorite skirt or trade comfort for camoflauge when you choose to cover up during the summer. With one or two quick and easy sessions, we can make those spider veins disappear and get you beach-body ready for next season. Sun exposure after Sclerotherapy can be dangerous, so we encourage patients to choose this procedure when they know they can hide out from UV exposure for a handful of weeks.

2. Fillers & Injectables

Bryn Mawr Dermatology specializes in non-surgical procedures for both men and women such as fillers– to plump cheeks, chisel jaws, replenish under eye circles, and enhance lips – and Botox – to soften frown lines and mask crows feet. Every procedure comes with the risk of some bruising and swelling, so it is best to plan to visit us when you have a few days to heal.

3. Laser Resurfacing

There are many devices that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restore skin tone and texture and reduce scarring. The treatments vary in their intensity, down-time and results, but with all the options BMD has available, you are certain to find the right non-surgical treatment for you. Schedule a consultation to find out if Rejuvapen, Morpheus8, or CO2RE Laser is best for your circumstances. Plan on 3-10 days of downtime while your skin renews.

4. Body Contouring

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure that involves redefining your curves. The most common body contouring treatment is CoolSculpting, which is the only FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all traditional efforts like diet and exercise. Most patients find that a series of treatments is the best way to get them to their shapley goals. It is only safe to re-treat the same area every 30 days, so this means that your ultimate results might not be visualized for a full three months. That’s why we suggest getting a jump start on body contouring treatments.

Ask yourself: Are you interested in trying new cosmetic services? Do you need to enhance your skin health? Are you looking for a cosmetic specialist to help you with the procedures? If the answer is yes to all of the above, make the call today!

What is the Average Recovery Time for Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

The average recovery time for cosmetic services is 3-10 days, however, the time may vary depending on the type of procedure.  The healing process can look different for different people.  After the procedure, stay in touch with your provider and go for regular follow-ups.

What Products Should I Use After My Cosmetic Treatment?

After your cosmetic procedure, you will want to use a moisturizer to help your skin heal and stay hydrated. Anything from a day cream to an overnight moisturizer are good choices. Another great thing to do is start using a product that has sunscreen in it every day after you have finished your treatment. Make sure that you are using SPF 30 or higher because it helps protect skin from sun damage, which will help prevent signs of aging and enhance the results of your investment. Check out dermatologist-approved products at the BMD easy to navigate store.

Recommended products include:


BMD Fortified Moisturizer is enriched with yucca glauca root extract, ceramides, vitamins A,C and E as well antioxidant nourishing ingredients that help smooth skin.


Perfect body lotion contains 15% Glycolic Acid, which exfoliates and brightens skin. Master antioxidant Glutathione lightens pigmentation, while Retinol increases cellular turnover to give you smoother, firmer—and younger-looking—skin.


ELTAMD UV CLEAR SPF 46 is a super light-weight formula that protects skin from sun damage and irritation, while calming redness and evening out discoloration.

Recommended Products

[wps_products title="BMD Fortified Moisturizer"]
[wps_products title="Perfect Body Lotion"]
[wps_products title="EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46"]

Why Choose Bryn Mawr Dermatology for Cosmetic Services?


The changing of leaves, the crisp smell in the air, and the rush of activities that come with Halloween and Thanksgiving are all indicators that we’re fast approaching Fall. This means you should probably start planning your next line-up of services for this busy season. The specialized dermatologists at Bryn Mawr Dermatology are committed to providing the highest level of patient-focused care along the Main Line.

In addition to our commitment for technical excellence, Dr. Stanko and her team are constantly on the look-out for the newest and most advanced skin rejuvenation devices.  We are dedicated to only adding procedures that produce real results and shy away from gimmicks or one-hit-wonders. The team of experts attends and hosts continuing medical education training regularly in order to be at the tippy top of their game. And what’s more? THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO, and it shows. And to round out your skin-care dream team, we also offer skin care products that help you slow the aging process and cosmetic techniques that redefine your appearance. Book your appointment today!

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