What Our Patients Are Saying

We are thankful for our many patients with whom we’ve built an excellent, long-term relationship.

What does it take to consistently get voted “Main Line Top Doc,” year after year by our colleagues? Providing excellent patient care and superior results to our patients every time they arrive at our office. You matter, and every time you choose our practice for you and your family, we want you to feel that way.

"Bryn Mawr Dermatology is an efficient and friendly office. From the moment you step in the door to the time you leave, you feel well cared for and comfortable. Dr. Stanko as well as all the staff are professional, kind, and helpful. I am so pleased with the consultation and treatments I received."

- S.M.

"Thank you for the wonderful results from my rejuvenation treatment. I feel (and look) years younger. I had a combination of Radiesse, Juvederm and Restylane to help with my under eyes, thinning lips and marionette lines.

Dr. Stanko made the whole process very comfortable and I left the office with instant improvement and no downtime. As a busy physician in Philadelphia, I am aware of the many choices we have for cosmetic treatment. I chose Dr. Stanko, a dermatologist, specifically because of her training in the skin and aging. Surgery (and recovery time) was not an option for me. I look better than I have in years and it took less than an hour. I especially appreciated Dr. Stanko's individualized attention and artistry, which gave me very natural results. I will be returning for touch-ups as needed. Thanks to Dr. Stanko and her friendly staff."

- S.R.

"Marisa was excellent, very cautious, efficient and very patient and thorough. Explained everything very well. Great job!"

- C.C.

"I have been in the care of Bryn Mawr Dermatology and Rae Calamia for about a year and a half. In that time Rae has identified three spots that required Moh's Surgery removal...

All were identified as Basal Cell Carcinoma and successfully removed clean. My rosacea is now comfortably being controlled. I am extremely happy with the diligence and patience of your entire staff."

- D.K.

"It has always been a pleasant experience to walk into Dr. Stanko's offices. She is never too busy to take the time to speak with me with both kindness and patience. Her attitude is positive, upbeat and comforting at all times.

Her ability to give the results, both medically and cosmetically, results in giving the trust one needs to return over and over, and to highly recommend Dr. Stanko with the upmost ease. Whenever I leave the office it’s with a smile, feeling secure and knowing I look a decade younger. Thank you Dr. Stanko…from a grateful patient."

- M.

"The cosmetic treatment under my eyes to reduce my dark circles was the best money I’ve ever spent, ever, on anything! It instantly took 10 years off my appearance and lasted longer than expected."

- Anonymous

"Both Dr. Stanko and her assistant Sydney were the best! They were very personable and professional. In the real world, people don’t feel 100% comfortable and confident when being medically evaluated.

As optimistic as they may want to be, it's normal to feel a little nervous. Yet despite these premature feelings, Dr. Stanko made me feel comfortable and confident and in good hands. She explained everything, recommended a follow-up visit, and displayed human concern that really matters. I thank her and Sydney for making it a pleasant and an encouraging visit."

- N.W.

"Marisa is very thorough with her processes and treatments. Very personable, I enjoy my time with her very much, like an old friend. Thank you."

- M.A.

"My mother had melanoma, so every time I have to get my skin checked I get very anxious, expecting the worst. That added on top of the anticipation of getting naked in front of a stranger makes me hesitant to attend my annual checks.

I've had dermatologists in the past that seem to want to biopsy everything and those who hardly look at my skin. Rae Calamia, the PA at Bryn Mawr Dermatology, took the time to look at every one of my spots very thoroughly and left me feeling like my skin was safe and without an ounce of embarrassment. She even took the time to answer my (many) questions about fighting fine lines and wrinkles. When it is time to do this all over again next year, I won’t exactly look forward to it, but I won’t dread it either."

- R.O.

"Marisa was so sweet! She was very kind in explaining to me the details of my treatment and making sure I had no additional concerns or questions. The entire procedure she was checking in with me, answering questions knowledgeably and making my comfort a priority. From an establishment where I expect the best care during my treatments, Marisa did not disappoint."

- E.M.