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Meet the Team

Dr. Christine Stanko

Christine Stanko, MD, FAAD

"My work has always required an attention to detail. I ensure every person has a good experience at our practice. I often ask myself: ‘If this were my family member, how would I treat him/her?’ I treat patients like my own family. For me that is the ultimate test if a physician is serving patients well."

Dr. Seana Covello

Seana Covello, MD, FAAD

“Every day, I have the opportunity to help my patients feel powerful, beautiful, and strong. It is an honor to sit and talk with my patients, to learn their stories, and to help improve their specific skin concerns.
My goal is to help my patients leave my office happier than they came in.”

Dr Lina Husienzad

Lina Husienzad, MD, FAAD

"I make a point to connect with my patients, educate them on the disease, and work with them to construct a treatment plan, so that they can feel empowered during the treatment process."

Dr. Brett Miller

Brett Miller, MD, FAAD

"I chose to specialize in Mohs Micrographic Surgery because it is the most precise medicine available to combat the most prevalent cancer in the world. I have the pleasure of spending hours with every one of my patients while creating their most aesthetically pleasing surgical outcome."

Rae Calamia

Rae Calamia, PA-C

"Family is very important to me. Because of our tight-knit relationships, BMD operates like a great work family. Our patients are at home because they feel that trust and warmth. Whether you’re a patient or staff member, this is a friendly place to be."

Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams, PA-C

"Providing medical services to the absolute best of my ability, in every situation, for every patient, is my ultimate priority. I love working with the BMD team because I know that we all have the same goals, work as a cohesive group to accomplish them, and manage to have fun doing it!"

Shannon Del Grande

Shannon Del Grande, PA-C

“I find that working in dermatology keeps me balanced. I get to diagnose and treat serious medical conditions in addition to performing cosmetic procedures that make people feel instantly better about their appearance. There is so much value in both types of patient care.”

Lilly Moss Parllaku

Lilly Moss Parllaku, PA-C

“As an undergrad I had the opportunity to work as a Medical Assistant in a locally renowned dermatology practice. I was instantly enthralled with the medical artistry required to provide comprehensive dermatolgical care. When you are dealing with the most visible organ of the body you are not only treating the physical aspect, but the aesthetic and emotional as well. From that experience on, I knew I had to end up in dermatology.”

Kathleen Venesky MPA PA-C

Katie Venesky MPA PA-C

“I chose to work in Dermatology because it is a speciality where you can help people from the inside out. Improving someone's skin health can do so much for their overall sense of well being, and knowing that I help patients reach their whole-health goals on an everyday basis is so rewarding.”

Mary Parkinson

Mary Parkinson, LE, CLT

“I’ve had the opportunity to work both for myself and for other privately owned salons and clinics, so I understand how difficult it is to provide superior services, for reasonable costs, without cutting corners. I’m proud to say that at BMD we never compromise on any aspect of the services we offer.”

Bethany Valentin

Bethany Valentin

“I love the innovation of having a pharmacy right in your provider’s office. Treatment doesn’t end when you leave the provider. Having your medication available to you in-office is not only convenient, but increases therapy compliance, ultimately leading to faster and more effective treatment. It is very rewarding to help people feel their best and if I can save you time and money at the same time, even better!”

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