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Looking great at any age

Our patients want to look youthful, rejuvenated, and refreshed – not overtreated or unnatural. Your friends will notice that your skin is amazingly smooth and supple, but they won’t be able to say definitively whether you’ve had fillers, Botox, or other aesthetic procedures.

You deserve to look and feel fantastic. For cosmetic services provided by Board Certified Dermatologists that correct lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and other aesthetic issues, visit the skin experts at Bryn Mawr Dermatology for your personalized consultation.

Looking Great at Any Age






Your Teens and 20's

When you are in your teens and 20’s you typically don’t see significant signs of aging; however, you do know that the best defense against age-related changes is prevention. You are never too young to start using sunscreen, which is the #1 anti-aging product on the market – it fights against the development of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and of course, helps prevent skin cancer. Lots of millennials are embracing Botox to help prevent permanent expression lines and indulging in laser hair reduction to see smooth skin without the fuss of shaving.

Your 30's

By your 30s, much may have changed from the previous decade. Stresses of career and family can create changes in skin tone and texture. This new decade can also mean a difference in natural collagen production and the formation of mild signs of aging, such as fine lines. Take a good look at mom and dad. Genetics play a huge role in how your skin will age, and how your parents’ skin and underlying features are holding up can be a good estimation of what is to come for you. To help halt the signs of aging injectables, a well-balanced skin care regimen, routine chemical peels, and laser treatments are ideal minor treatments that get major results.

Your 40's

Minor signs of aging from your 30s progress in ensuing decades. Cosmetic issues become more exaggerated, and without mitigating treatment, may require more invasive procedures down the line. Obvious veins, loss of facial volume, bulges in places they didn’t used to be, and wrinkles are all common problems for patients in their 40s. New technology allows us to provide solutions to many issues that used to be untreatable. If you have a trouble spot pestering you, talk to us! More likely than not, we’ve seen it before, and we know how to deal with it.

Your 50's

Many patients in this age group experience sagging skin, age spots, and the formation of a turkey neck (lax soft tissue around the neck). While these are discouraging, they can be corrected with an array of aesthetic procedures. Procedures like Ultherapy and Kybella are perfect for patients in their 50s to help firm and tone skin, effectively turning back the clock. You don’t have to commit to invasive procedures to get the results you want!

Your Golden Years

In this day and age, modern medicine and being well-informed about health issues help you maintain optimal internal health. We know that aging gracefully is a priority for both men and women throughout their lives, and we want you to look as young as you feel! Talk to our specialists about making a change, either subtle or major, and love the skin you’re in.
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