Expression lines, like crow’s feet, smile lines, and forehead wrinkles may become noticeable in your 30s and deepen over time as collagen production naturally slows. No one escapes the effects of time, and we know how frustrating it can be to look in the mirror and see a reflection of someone older, someone more tired, than you feel.

If you’re looking for a treatment to restore youthful and smooth skin, trust the Botox®, Dysport®, & Xeomin® providers at Bryn Mawr Dermatology. This popular cosmetic injectable is loved by patients who want to look like the best version of themselves. For Botox cosmetic treatment in Villanova and Collegeville, PA call our skin specialists at 610.525.7800

For the sake of simplicity, we are going to refer to all neuromodulators on this page as “Botox,” but know that we are referring to all members of this wrinkle-reducing family. We love Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Botox® all the same! Check out the section at the bottom of this page to find out more on this topic.


We (hardly) ever think you are too young to get Botox®; if you have the symptoms of aging skin and you are interested in doing so, we recommend getting ahead of the curve and utilizing the amazing effects of Botox as prevention for future unwanted lines.
With its rise in popularity over the past decade, more patients seek Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin® as an early intervention for the formation of prominent lines and wrinkles. While some people consider 30 to be too young for cosmetic skin care, others view this as the perfect window of opportunity for minimizing the visible effects of aging as they get older and move into their 40’s.
Other patients choose treatment when their appearance does not match how they feel, or genetic and environmental factors have created deeper lines than they might have expected at their age. The best time to get Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin® is when you feel ready to enjoy the cosmetic benefits of this effective wrinkle treatment.


The active ingredient in Botox ®is classified as a neuromodulator; it temporarily prevents the contraction of muscles that create lines and wrinkles. The chemicals in your body that naturally control this function are blocked, so the muscle and nerve cannot communicate. The resulting effect is smooth, firm skin that looks youthful but doesn’t create the “frozen” or over-treated look that patients associate with too much injectable treatment.

While Botox® relaxes the muscle, you will still be able to display facial expressions. Some patients avoid treatment because they’re afraid they will look stiff or unnatural; however, when done RIGHT, it prevents formation of deep skin creases and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by active facial expression without eliminating your beautiful smile, the sparkle in your eye, or the effect of your scowl.


Treatment is often applied in the following areas, to restore youthful, firm, and smooth skin:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead
  • Eyebrows
  • Around the mouth
  • Neck

But because we are in-the-know, and we’ve tried it ourselves, we understand that Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin® is also a fantastic way to reduce bunny lines (crinkles on the nose), marionette lines (the ones that pull the corners of your mouth down) and squinters (the fine lines at the inner corner of your eyes that cause that tissue-y look).

When provided by the skilled practitioners at Bryn Mawr Dermatology, we promise you’ll see your best possible result. As Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin® is widely used and available, many patients may not know what to look for in a provider; there are so many practices offering this service, and it’s hard to determine who can offer dependable and quality care. You can trust your cosmetic treatment to our trained specialists and board-certified doctors. Our team has provided Botox for years with exceptional results.  With our help, you can avoid the side-effects of poorly administered injectables, such as drooping brow and eye skin.

Alternative uses include reducing excess sweat and preventing the muscle contractions that cause jaw clenching and grinding (bruxism). At your consultation with our skin experts, ask them what Botox can do to help you look and feel your best.


Experience varies from patient to patient and how their unique biology reacts to treatment. Full results of your Botox treatment can be assessed at two weeks, but some patients see the effects in as little as a few days. And don’t worry if you’re not in love with your treatment after it is in full force –  we can always provide a small adjustment to get you where you want to be. Botox®/Dysport®/Xeomin® is an exceptionally safe injectable treatment, as it does not accumulate in the soft tissue over time and after multiple injections.

Our Botox providers at Bryn Mawr Dermatology can help you look refreshed and rejuvenated into the future. Our patients love their results and are excited to return for additional appointments to maintain their fabulous new look.


The easiest way to determine if this treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our skincare experts and board-certified dermatologists. During your consultation, our friendly staff will evaluate your concerns and determine an ideal treatment plan to meet your needs. Our office is beautifully equipped, so you’ll feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.

Get started today by calling our dermatology team at 610.525.7800 or easily book an appointment online. We look forward to caring for you!