What Our Patients Are Saying

We are thankful for our many patients with whom we’ve built an excellent, long-term relationship.

What does it take to consistently get voted “Main Line Top Doc,” year after year by our colleagues? Providing excellent patient care and superior results to our patients every time they arrive at our office. You matter, and every time you choose our practice for you and your family, we want you to feel that way.

"I found Dr. Stanko and her staff to be both professional and personable. They spent the time with me that was needed to discuss the outcome I was seeking and only performed the procedures that were necessary.

In the world of cosmetic procedures, some offices will try to oversell, but NOT here. Dr. Stanko clearly wants to establish long term relationships and will only do what she thinks is in her patients best interests. I would highly recommend her services."

- Verified ZocDoc Patient

"I first came to Dr. Stanko because of a skin condition, which turned out to be an allergic reaction to bug bites. Dr. Stanko was very proactive helping me with my situation.

Once that condition was under control, she asked if I had ever had a full-body screening since I was around the age where I should have that done. I scheduled an appointment to have the screening. Dr. Stanko saw a suspicious mole on my back and took a biopsy. The biopsy came back suspicious so the mole was removed. It turned out that it was melanoma and I needed to have a bigger section removed.

I am so grateful that Dr. Stanko encouraged me to get checked and that the melanoma was caught early enough that it was removed. I have returned for my follow-up screenings and did have another questionable spot, which was removed. I feel that Dr. Stanko saved my life that day she recommended the full-body screening. I really don’t know when I would have made the decision or the time to have the screening done.

Dr. Stanko has educated me as to the importance of regular eye exams, dental exams and mammograms since I have had melanoma. I feel that she has taken extra steps to ensure that my overall health is the priority."

- C.B.

"Loved Marisa!! ...She made me feel so comfortable and at ease to be getting this treatment. She was also very detailed in what to expect and listened to my needs as well"

- E.K.