Is Your Sunscreen Really Doing Its Job?

We can all relate to the fact that sunblock has indeed become a way of life. We take time to slather on sunscreen because we want to protect ourselves and our children from a largely preventable, but dangerous skin cancer.

At Bryn Mawr Dermatology we are experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancer, and since daily sun protection plays a major role in prevention, we have decided to devote an entire page on our website to choosing the right sunscreen.

Much of the information available regarding sunscreen is often confusing for consumers. Clever marketing and misleading explanations often mask the truth about sunscreen, and what makes it truly effective.

What is Broad Spectrum Protection?

Sun protection products sold in the US reference an SPF rating whereas other countries have a rating system that relates to UVA and UVB protection. A UVA and UVB combined ranking system refers to a product’s ability to protect against the whole spectrum of UV Rays. This type of protection is known as Broad Spectrum Protection.

Since our country’s rating system is not all encompassing, one must look at the ingredients of a sunscreen and check out the wavelengths that they either repel or absorb to evaluate its effectiveness. At Bryn Mawr Wellness, we can help by looking at your sunscreen during your next office visit. On our website you will also find the sunscreen products we recommend for our patients, which, by the way, are also the only ones we use for our own families.