In House Pharmacy

In House Pharmacy


Our convenient in-house pharmacy is here to fill prescriptions for our patients.

We designed it to save you time and money. By having the majority of medications that we prescribe in-house we eliminate the need for an additional stop on your way home, because who has time for that? AND our pharmacy team is focused solely our patients, which means that they can price shop for you, process your prior-authorizations in real time, and make sure you get the medication you need.

Traditional medications are processed through your insurance the same way they would at a commercial pharmacy; however, we also carry specialty medications that are unique to compounding pharmacies. This ability to offer you the very best treatment for your condition is something we are proud of.


  1. The opportunity to discuss your medication(s) with our pharmacist right after your visit
  2. Going home with the medication you need when you walk out our door OR having it hand-couriered to your home for FREE
  3. Having a direct line to our pharmacy team: 610.880.DRUG